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Arduino KY-033 HUNT SENSOR

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Infrared obstacle avoidance sensor is designed for the design of a wheeled robot obstacle avoidance sensor distance adjustable. This ambient light sensor adaptable, high precision, having a pair of infrared transmitter and receiver, transmitter tubes emit a certain frequency of infrared,When detecting the direction of an obstacle (reflector), the infrared receiver tube receiver is reflected back, when the indicator is lit,Through the circuit, the signal output interface output digital signal that can be detected by means of potentiometer knob to adjust the distance, the effective distance from 2 ~ 40cm, working voltage of 3.3V-5V, operating voltage range as broad, relatively large fluctuations in the power supply voltage of the situation stable condition and still work for a variety of microcontrollers,Arduino controller, BS2 controller,attached to the robot that can sense changes in their surroundings.


1. Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V
2. Working current: ≥ 20mA
3. Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃
4. detection distance: 2-40cm
5.IO Interface: 4-wire interfaces (-/+/S/EN)
6. Output signal: TTL level (low level there is an obstacle, no obstacle high)
7. Adjustment: adjust multi-turn resistance
8. Effective angle: 35°
7. Size: 28mm×23mm

Example code: 

int WhiteLed = 2; 
int Sensor = A5; 
int sensorValue = 0; 

void setup () {
  pinMode (WhiteLed, OUTPUT);
  Serial.begin (9600);
void loop () {
  sensorValue = analogRead (Sensor);
  if (sensorValue < 50&& sensorValue < 500) 
  digitalWrite (WhiteLed, HIGH);
  Serial.println (sensorValue, DEC);
  else (sensorValue > 500&& sensorValue > 1023);
  digitalWrite (WhiteLed, LOW);
  Serial.println (sensorValue, DEC);
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